What is a Charter School?

A charter school is a tuition-free public school operated by an independent board of directors that may be composed of parents, teachers and community members. A charter school is a school of choice within the school district, operating under a contract or "charter" between the board of the charter school community and the APS Board of Education. The Charter School Team at Aurora Public Schools is housed in the Office of Autonomous Schools Department. 

How do I enroll my child in a charter school?

Contact the charter school and fill out an “Intent to Enroll” form for the school(s) you are interested in. This does not obligate you to enroll your child, but does include your child in any future lottery if the charter school uses a lottery system. Some charter schools enroll students on a “first-come, first-served” basis, and the “Intent to Enroll” form will put your child on a wait list. If your child is awarded a seat in the charter school by lottery or by wait list, you will be notified. Parents/guardians generally have a stated amount of time to officially enroll their child in the school or the seat is given to another student.


Charter Schools authorized by Aurora Public Schools

      School Name   Grades Served  School Address     School Leader          Contact Information
Academy of Advanced Learning Kinder - 8th 441 Sable Blvd. 80011 Zach Craddock

P: (720)500-5252

Aurora Academy Kinder - 8th 10251 E. 1st Ave. 80010 Amy Hoen 

P: (303)367-5983

F: (303)367-5280 

Aurora Expeditionary 
Learning Academy
PK - 8th 14100 E. Jewell Ave. 80012 Monique Shevlin-Davis

P: (303)377-0758

F: (720)870-2610

Aurora Science and Tech 6th - 12th
Serving in 20-21:
6th & 7th

2540 N Scranton St,  80045

Rebecca Bloch

P: (303)524-6397

Empower Community High School 9th - 12th
Serving in 20-21:
9th & 10th
450 S Chambers Rd. 80017 Wisdom Amouzou

P: (720)621-5094

Global Village Academy - East Campus Kinder - 2nd 403 S. Airport Blvd. 80017 Chris Denmark
Sandra Bea

P: (303)309-6657

F: (303)317-6538

Global Village Academy - West Campus 3rd - 8th 16401 E. Alameda Dr. 80017 Chris Denmark
Sandra Bea

P: (303)309-6657

F: (303)317-6538

Lotus School for Excellence Kinder - 12th  11001 E. Alameda Ave. 80012 Brett Williams 

P: (303)360-0052

F: (303)360-0071

Rocky Mountain Prep - Fletcher Campus PK - 5 10455 E. 25th Ave. 80010 Caitlin Vaughn

P: (720)863-8922

Vanguard Classical School - East Campus  Kinder - 12th 17101 E. Ohio Dr. 80017

Emily Van Luit

P: (303)338-4110

F: (303)388-4129

Vanguard Classical
 - West Campus
 Kinder - 8th 801 Yosemite St. Denver 80230 Keria McCafferty

P: (303)691-2382

F: (303)226-5529

Vega Collegiate Academy Kinder - 8th 1400 Yosemite St.

Kathryn Mullins

P: (720)390-6975 


If i have a concern with any APS charter school, where should that concern be directed?

The parent should begin by contacting the personnel within the charter school. If that does not satisfactorily address the issue, make the governing board of the charter school aware of the issue. If unresolved there, the next step would be to contact APS by using the form below.



Contact Us:

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APS, Coordinator, Charter Schools
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