How do we shape a successful future? It takes vision, purpose and a plan. It also takes partnerships among Aurora Public Schools students, families, staff and our community.

Aurora Public Schools students are the faces of the future. APS students and their families define what future success means for them, but no matter what their successful futures looks like, all students need plans, skills, credentials and a community of support. As a district, we have identified these strategic goals to ensure that we achieve our vision.

Year over year, APS has been reaching new levels of success and we are proud of the momentum that is building districtwide. APS 2026, our strategic plan, builds on the momentum, opportunity and impact that resulted from APS' previous strategic plan, APS 2020. APS 2026 is also informed by the community's priorities, which are focused on early literacy, equity and postsecondary workforce readiness. These priorities, as well as the community's values, were adopted by the APS Board of Education in 2021. APS 2026: Faces of the Future serves as our district plan to guide everything we do to achieve our vision that:

Every student shapes a successful future.

This strategic plan represents the diverse voices of our community. We will use this plan to guide everything we do to achieve our VISION: Every student shapes a successful future.

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Our MISSION describes our purpose:  In partnership with our community, we accelerate learning for all students to develop the knowledge, skills and character necessary to shape successful futures. 

APS 2020 is based on our community’s core beliefs about education — these are our foundation.

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