Who are our Staff?

To date, there are approximately 350 staff members serving in Innovation Zone Schools. Over 3 years, the Innovation Zone has seen a 75% retention rate from year to year for teachers. The Innovation Zone schools are comprised of staff made up of 23% of staff of color and 45% staff of color on the Leadership Team.  In the Innovation Zone, at least 57% of our staff have earned a Master’s degree or higher.


Office of Autonomous Schools Administration 

Executive Director  Lamont Browne lwbrowne@aurorak12.org
Director of Strategy & Innovation  Judi Dauman jldauman@aurorak12.org
Director of Instruction & Leadership Development  Connor Allman  cmallman@aurorak12.org
Director of Charter Schools Mackenzie Khan mrkhan@aurorak12.org
Director of Community Schools, Family Advocacy, and Community Engagement Kate Garvin ajgarvin@aurorak12.org
Manager of Innovation School Performance  Lily Cui lycui@aurorak12.org
Assistant to the ED & OAS  Jessica Ratino  jfratino@aurorak12.org
Student Engagement Advocate  Ayde Avila  ahavila@aurorak12.org
Manager of Charter School Support & Accountability  Paige Jovanovic pejovanovic@aurorak12.org