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Who are we? The ACTION Zone at Aurora Public Schools is a network of five schools, within the Aurora Public Schools System. We encompass Boston (P-8), Aurora Central High School (9-12), Crawford Elementary (P-5), Paris Elementary (K-5), and Aurora West College Preparatory Academy (6-12). In 2016, Aurora Public Schools utilized the Colorado Innovation Schools Act to apply for Innovation Status. The status was granted and our Innovation Zone Schools were chosen based on their individual performance metrics and overall structure, as feeders for Aurora Central High School. In that year, the Office of Autonomous Schools was established to support the ACTION Innovation Schools in many functional areas. International Leadership ACTION Zone students are high-achieving international citizens who take action in their communities with support from educators who collaboratively leverage the expertise within each of their schools.

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What does the acronym ACTION in ACTION Zones mean? The ACTION acronym in ACTION Zones stands for Aurora Community-Based Transformation, Innovation and Opportunity Network.

What does it mean to have Innovation Status? State innovation status allows a school to remain in the district while giving the community added flexibilities to redesign itself.  Innovation status allows a school to develop a customized and unique plan of structures, programs and governance models that will best serve the students at the school. It requires the entire school community to work together to implement innovative approaches to promote student achievement that could affect people, time, programs or money. In return, the school may be exempt from certain state laws or school district policies to implement the innovation plan. State-approved innovation schools are made possible by the 2008 Innovation Schools Act.

How are ACTION Zones different from other innovative schools in APS like Pilot Schools, Expeditionary Learning Schools and Charter Schools? ACTION Zones build upon our current foundation of developing charter, pilot and district-innovation schools. The ACTION Zone model combines community needs, goals and priorities of the schools in the zone with the goals and core beliefs of the school district’s strategic plan, APS 2020: Shaping the Future. An ACTION Zone would be designed to respond to specific community needs using targeted innovations and resources. It provides a flexible and customized foundation that addresses the unique abilities and circumstances of the students in the schools within the zone.

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ACTION Zone Theme: International Leadership

Innovation Zone Strategic Priorities: 

  • Create a climate and culture of international leadership for every student
  • Focus on student-centered, data-driven instruction
  • Develop a comprehensive talent strategy so that all faculty and staff can succeed
  • Develop strong family and community partnerships to support students and schools

Our Innovation Plans

School Design Teams continue to develop innovation plans. Currently, they have released framework outlines and drafts of the innovation plans. For questions about our Innovation Plans, please contact Erica (ecgarcia@aurorak12.org).

Aurora Central High School


Aurora West College Preparatory Academy

Boston P-8 School

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